Title Watch: Empower Yourself Through Education.

This is the launch of a new initiative meant to help all Core team members become better TIPs (Title Insurance Professionals).


In its essence it seeks to bring everyone up to speed with information related to what is going on in the industry.  It is part update, part study, part curiosity, & part eagerness. Every one of you are invited to read, delve into, understand and interiorize all that is provided here at a personal level.  To read why you would benefit from this learning experience, click here.


Almost all of the information is about Real Estate & the Title Insurance industry.  There will be input from the financial sector since it affects us all – doesn’t it?!!!


The actual reading material is stored on a dedicated page on our website and managed by our Communications Team.  Material is sorted out and stored according to different categories for quick and easy access should anyone want to spend more time reading around and reading into.


This missive will be a weekly affair. You should expect to receive one every Thursday.  On this email you will find a blurb as to what the article, or news brief, or forthcoming Seminar/Webinar is about.  Click on ‘Read More’ to make further inroads where interested.


So, here it goes.  Wish us luck!  And, happy reading…




Rosalie Daniels

Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Tri County

“In an industry which is highly regulated, CoreTitle separates itself from the pack with an exceptionally high level of customer service. From Processor to Closer, each step of the way, our agents and clients are extremely happy. As realtors we couldn’t ask for more!”

Bobby Daddis

Founder at Entourage Elite Real Estate

“I've worked with hundreds of title companies. There are none that remotely touch the competence and hospitality that Core does it's clients. There is a difference in title, and Core proves that. ”

Skye Michiels

Keller Williams Realty

“CoreTitle is a company that stands out among the other title companies that I have worked with. They are extremely responsive and quick in their title searches and communication with me, my team and my clients. In addition, the closing experience they create at their office is incredible. They make you and your client feel like a celebrity and they make that day of settlement a special day! ”

Taralyn Hendricks

Realtor and owner of City To Shore Real Estate Group at Keller Williams Realty

“CoreTitle is the best title agency around. Every transaction is smooth and my clients are always well taken care of. They make my job so much easier. Special thanks to Brian McGroarty and Melissa Hartford for making every transaction seamless.”

Nick Davis

First-Time Homebuyer

“Not your typical title insurance company. As a first time buyer I had no clue what I was doing in terms of shopping for the right title insurance. Thankfully, Brian McGroarty, simplified everything for me, even the price! I would strongly recommend this company for anyone who is currently in the market.”

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Imagine you’re on a wild rollercoaster—those heart-pounding climbs, unexpected drops, and crazy twists. That’s the home search, right? Every jolt and curve is taking you closer to that dream home. As we dive into this new week, let’s harness that fresh energy and optimism. Here’s a blend of inspiration, expert advice, and real-life tales to […]

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