• August 29, 2019
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Create a Winning Culture For Your Real Estate Team

It’s our human nature to want to belong. It’s natural to not only long to fit in but to want be a part of something bigger. This is where culture comes in.

A positive culture in the workplace is paramount to overall productivity & growth of your team and business.

It’s up to each broker to decide what environment they want to create and define which values & beliefs they’ll want their team to encompass.

A strong culture, one that creates a sense of unity & connection is something that can turn your team into a highly profitable and highly motivated group of rock-stars.


Here Are 5 Ways To Create a Winning Culture Where Your Real Estate Team Can Flourish


1. Define Your “Why”

Everyone gets into Real Estate for different reasons. Once you have defined your own why, you can begin to recruit those who share that why and together you can set goals. Your why is what pushes you to get up in the morning, work those extra hours and go the extra mile, it inspires action and defines your purpose. Build a team that shares your purpose so together you can you work towards achieving greater success.


2. Establish Your Core Values


Create values that you and your team will learn and identify with. Having Core values will help you and your team stay united and keep you all working towards a common goal. Values are important because they not only shape your culture, but also can influence behavior and hiring decisions. Setting values and hiring individuals who share those values will help you create a more unified team.

Here is a great example of values established by DeLeon Realty

Courage: We make decisions and act in the best interests of our clients, even in the face of personal or professional adversity.

Respect and Trust: We treat our clients and each other with dignity and respect at all times.

Fun: We believe in having fun at work and with each other.


3. Incorporate Recognition into Your Culture

Real Estate Agents are social creatures by nature. Most enjoy a work hard play hard mentality. Celebrate milestones, successes or even just a long week with a team happy hour or a fun event where the group can get together, burn off some steam and connect in a setting outside of the office. Joshua Lybolt, President and Co-Founder of Lifstyl Real Estate says that his team’s most popular events has been brewing their own beer, where they worked together with a local brewery to have his agents participate in the brewing process.

4. Team Meetings


Regular team meetings are essential to building a strong team culture. It’s the perfect time to get your agents to work together, share feedback and ideas. Inspire growth by incorporating skill development into your meetings. Increase production with income producing activities like a business activity log & sales agent updates. Incorporate other useful activities from “The Real Estate Trainer” found here.

5. Personal Growth

Income producing activities and sales training are important but it’s vital to your culture and to your team to also focus on education and activities that involve personal growth & development. A career in real estate can be extremely stressful, with ups & downs, big losses and a lot of rejection. Investing in personal development is an investment in yourself and your business. By committing to consistent growth and learning, you will be able to help and connect to your clients on a higher level.

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