So You Decided To Purchase Title Insurance, Here’s What Happens Next.

When purchasing a home, you will likely be asked if you’d also like to purchase title insurance. This is a no-brainer for most people, after all, it is a one-time fee for a policy that will protect you against forged deeds, releases or wills, undisclosed or missing heirs, mistakes in recording legal documents, liens for unpaid taxes, and many other common defects that can come up. What you may not know, is the often complex process that goes into getting a policy. Here is what happens after you’ve made the smart decision to purchase title insurance.


Step 1: Search of Records

After the request for title is made, a title examiner will locate records for name, tax and property information. This preliminary title report will help the title examiner retrieve hard copies of the documents at a faster rate. Some of the usual searches will include county searches against the property, judgment searches against any involved party to the transaction, tax searches, and patriot searches.

Step 2: Examination of Title

Next, the title examiner will do an in-depth examination of all documents on record. This examination will help to evaluate all of the information on record and how or if that information will affect the title of the property.

Step 3: Issuance of the Binder

Next the title binder is issued. The title binder is a commitment to issue a title policy. A binder is meant to protect both the buyer and the seller during the transitional phase of the sale. This document outlines the amount of coverage the title insurance company will provide, the terms and conditions, and the limitations in the policy. It also outlines any ‘clouds’ that might affect the sale.

Step 4: Exposing Hidden Clouds

A cloud on title is any irregularity or defect in the ownership of the subject property. Some of these irregularities or defects could include things like incorrect surveys, unpaid taxes, foreclosure attempts, judgements and more.

Step 5: Cloud Cleaning

After the clouds have been exposed, it is important to address the defects with both the buyer and the seller.

Step 6: Payment at Closing

Finally, after clouds on title have been removed and the decision to move forward with the purchase is made, a title insurance policy can be issued. This is a one-time only premium payment. The buyer will pay this fee at the time of closing and the policy will remain in effect for as long as the buyers owns the property.

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